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Me, looking cool. :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 2 Bike semi-final :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 0 Teikouki Ranshi :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 0 non-refracting mind :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 2 2 Casket of my mind :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 2
Who needs blood, Prologue
"And that concludes our lecture on bloodline, any questions?"
"But sensei, how were the bloodlines created?" Iruka was surprised naruto had even been listening to this lecture, orphans normally didn't care about this sort of thing
"In most cases a ninja has been so good at doing one thing that the ability became engraved in their very DNA, although that was a surprisingly good question" although Iruka could see a mischievous glint in narutos eye and knew he'd lost his attention about halfway through the answer he still chose to finish the answer

Iruka watched as the most surprising student he'd ever had snored his way through his lecture, as usual his response was swift and decisive.
The Entire class erupted in laughter as the eraser impacted against narutos head in a great cloud of smoke, but as naruto looked up slitted pupils gazed out of the chalky fog, but by the time Iruka looked again they were their normal orb shape
If Iruka was not a ninja, he w
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Ghost Town :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 0 Multi Warped Future :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 2 Warped Future :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 11 Pokeball Go? :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 2 0 Doomsday :iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 18
prolouge forbiddden family
3 years ago
"keep this ring if you lose it ...."the mysterious girl said handing the boy a ring
"you'll kill me"the boy finished camly
"exactly"she said
"2 things to do before we go" the girls twin said
"first we need you not to tell anyone about this and second....."she said then she leaned in and kissed him then they were both gone leaving the wiskered boy standing there
better written version
Three Years Ago...
"Keep this ring and if you lose it..." the mysterious girl said, handing the boy a ring.
"'ll kill me." the boy finished calmly.
"Exactly," she retorted with a grin.
"Two things to do before we go" the girl's twin remarked, impatience in her voice.
"First we need you not to tell anyone about this, and second..." she said, leaning in and kissing him. Then they were both gone, leaving the wiskered boy standing there, alone.
:iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 8
naruhina story of love
i would just like to say i do not own naruto i forgot to mention this i my previos naruhina items
i do not own naruto and i would also like to say that words in capitals are inner thoughts
i was walking to the ramen shop and i saw hinata doing the same when she saw me
turned a little red and turned away i called after her asking whereshe was going she then
turned a light shade of pink turned away and said nowhere.
naruto:how about you come with me for some ichiraku ramen my treat?
so we walked into the and ordered two miso pork ramen
naruto:would you train with me this afternoon?
hinata:s..s....sure n..n..naruto-kun
naruto:thanks hinata
naruto:by the way would u please stop using the honorific it just doesn't suit me
her thoughts were interupted when she noticed naruto's kind gentile smile
wich was c
:iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 13 5
A Connection
I was never ignorant, I knew her feelings, but I did not show it. Part of me wanted to, as I felt the same way but I knew if I did I would have to show the world what I'm like. I don't want to be this, however I cannot help it. I have always felt weak, I never
thought I had enough power to evade the objects pelting me. Soon, I found I never felt the
pain of the hailing objects. Still, back then just the knowledge that I was being pelted with refuse caused pain in my heart. It hurt me even more to know that she was watching.
He always seemed so strong, so caring. Back when he was 5, I saw the half the town pelt him with objects, among them were even kunai and shuriken. A kunai hit him square in the back yet he still stood there and took it. None but those pelting him even knew why.
they did it. He always seemed so strong and he never flinched even when he was treated as an outcast from everywhere. The loneliness would have been to much to bear, if it was me
I would have killed myself.
:iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 0 1
naruhina love with a differenc
          dear hinata
i may seem to be a loudmouth idiot who charges eveywhere without thinking i wish that
was me i act like that out of frustration and impatience.if i became hokage
i hoped that the villager might stop terrorizing me upon my birthday, i eventually found out
i could remove it from thier memories,with the power of my beast, however i could never re
move it from yours. i tell you
all this becausei have never been ignorant i know you watched ne even though you never
noticed my recognition i never showed you all this as i thought u might not like wat i am
really public i act like a buffoon so the villagers do not consider me a threat.while
being like that my IQ was 45 however my true IQ is 199 which is just 1 level below
shikamaru i am telling you this because I LOVE YOU,yet i am too embarrased to tell you out
   lots of love
P.S i understand if you dont like the kind of person i really am
:iconkyubii1254:kyubii1254 10 7


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